Dec.4 Thursday TC

On my field experience we did the practice assessment for the lessons that I’ve been giving them to help prepare them for the PASS test. I haven’t graded the papers yet but I feel very confident that they did well be cause of the review that we did and I’m sure Ms. Brinson taught them […]

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Dec 3. Wednesday TC

Today in teacher cadet I came upon the worst task of a teacher…. Making copies if a book so they can use them as a work sheet in the begining it was horrible because I realized I had to print 250 pages then as time went by I got into it. Also I started to […]

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Teacher Cadet Dec. 2

Today on my field experince was one of the days that i miss that i can remember so clearly when i had Ms.Brinson. Today she preached on how when you have a chance you have to take it, I helped her grade papers of the last test and it ticked her off how she gave […]

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Teacher Cadet Dec.1

Today in TC we prepared for pass testing by going over the booklet and answering questions I read to them. It was very casual and a relaxed environment because I messed up sometime in the readings with pro pronouncing the names of Indian tribes but they helped me and. we all had fun together I […]

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Daily Journal Nov. 21

Today we had a faculty meeting at CFA at first I thought we were going to just eat and relax, but I was wrong. We talked about all the stiff we have to Dj like o hsvd to fix my binder before the 5th and I need to start taking pictures for the electronic portfolio, […]

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