December 5th Teacher Cadet & BEST WORST and LEARNED

Today in Teacher Cadet i graded the assasments for my last lesson that I taught. the grades where pretty good with a few exceptions but those students have specail need and their grades werent even that bad, so for the next lesson i will take more idividual time out to try and help them. It made me feel really good knowinmg that they acutally listened and took in what i was teaching and the knowldge that i was giving them, although it did upset me that they were able to use their books on the test but for the essay question they didnt even refelct back when all they had to do was right the sentence directly from the book to get it right. But the class is making progress and thats all that matters.

BEST- the best thing that happened this week was when Mrs. Brinson preached and told the kids basically that nothing or no one could stop them from prsuing their dream they just have to set their mind to it and fight for it

Worst- The worst thing was seeing that the studewtns didnt put in that extra little bit of work and flip back a couple of pages to get the right answer that could have gave them the easy 100.

Learned- This week I learned that through teaching sometime you have to preach and in that moment you might change a students life and send them a message and make that difference in someones life 


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