Teacher Cadet Dec. 2

Today on my field experince was one of the days that i miss that i can remember so clearly when i had Ms.Brinson. Today she preached on how when you have a chance you have to take it, I helped her grade papers of the last test and it ticked her off how she gave them the oppertunity to get extra credit but they didnt even try it when all they had to do was attach work sheets from the previous week , but they didnt even do that and they mad 38s, 40s, and some barley passed. She also then went to talk about how in high school she was told that she wouldnt amount to anything becaus of her family and how her mom didnt graduate but she knew that she would become a teacher and be sucessful(even though her mom never told her that she was proud of her own daughter to today); she did this to show the studetns just because the people in their families may not be much you have to take your chances and push your self in life if you ever want to be anything sucessfull.


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