Week Ten Teacher Cadet


This week of teacher cadet helped bring me back to my old days when I went to grace.Preschools that are church related are the best because they mix everything together while not only focusing on the basic academics like writing and reading they also help you create morals since it also has a lot to do with Christianity.


This week while presenting my book to Bethesda I observed how to keep the little kids entertained by little things like asking questions or pointing out things like that I’m a football player and they just stare at you in “awe”. Also we worked on the traits of a good teacher along with the bad ones so I picked up on some things that i shouldn’t do.


I cant change the direction of the winds, but i can adjust the sails to my direction.  -Jimmy Dean

This is an important quote because it lets you know no matter what is thrown at you, you can always try to readjust it in your favor.



This article is about a Governor declining grants of up to 80 million that would help preschools. This is upsetting because i think that preschool is the starting of all education and preschool in facts helps determine your future. thunk of how far a child would be with out going to preschool now think about a child with a preschool education and how if they had more funding how bright and prospers their future can be.


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