Week Nine Teacher Cadet


This week in teacher cadet we went to the Elementary school and middle to figure out which grade we would prefer to teach and help with while in this class. I think that I’m going to mentor tutor at the middle school with Mrs.Brinson because i love history and if i became a teacher i would t is the subject i would want to teach and i would want to teach in high school so that i could be a football coach.


When I look back over the years, I see how fast time has passed by i actually miss being in middle school and elementary because I’m about to be off in college where I will have to take thing way serious. When I steeped back in to the the elementary school and saw the activities they did i wished i was back in there shoes having fun.


Education is not preparation for life; Education is life it self. -John Dewey

This is important because it tells you that education isn’t gonna help you in life because it is your life with out education life is nothing and your life will amount to life.

News Article 


This article talks about how its cheaper to get an education in Germany but at the same time its still a very high quality education. This is important because it shows that if you’re willing to go the distance and be far a way you can go get a “Grade A” education for around 3,000 dollars a year or less then come back to America and have a degree from a high institute and get a great job.


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