Teacher Cadet Week Eight


This past week at Columbia College i observed many women, and we the main focus was advocating for future students and while there it also helped me consider more if  i wanted to be a teacher. Now i consider it as a career choice, possible a history teacher. Which would also would allow me to be a coach, which would give me the chance to help kids and set them for a bright future.


This week visiting Columbia College made me more excited to visit other colleges. Also sitting inside the class made me realize that its possible college won’t be as bad since I’ve taken college level courses and I will also be taking some next semester. But most of all I’ll be able to say that this college tour,even though i cant go there, help kick start my college search.


Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats the beauty and the youth.           -Chanakya, lets you know that an higher education will help you gain more respect and will help get you farther in life than beauty or your youth.

News Article


The Article talks about how private universities and colleges are starting to prevail because the public funds from the government are starting to decline and such, thus putting private colleges ,Wofford,PC,Cola College, on top. It also talks about how private college endowments are bigger than those of the public education. Then it goes on to talk about how more students at public universities receive the Pell Grant than art private universities. it still basically tells how private institutes are on the rise


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