Teacher Cadet Week Seven


This week we talked about how child development and how babies can develop their traits even before they’re actually in our same atmosphere.Also we presented and talked about the learning barriers each child can have. Some could struggle as latchkey kids because they don’t have the help at home with their school work which parents should give. Also how some people have eating disorders which is more of a health concern than a education concern. But in the end of all of the presentations we learned how to help the people with problems and comfort them.


When I look back on my life I remember in 5th grade how a friend of mine would come to class crying and talking about how he was “beat with a fishing rod” but he couldn’t tell anyone because his dad was drinking buddies with the police. He still has problems when his dad drinks but I feel like if he really wanted help he could tell someone or either defend himself because he’s a pretty built guy.But if I was the teacher back in 5th grade I would’ve reported the abuse to Child Protective Services since he couldn’t tell the local police, I would’ve done everything in my power to protect him which could’ve gave him the path to college which he wont be able to take possibly because he never got help.


The True secret of happiness lies in taking gunine interest in all of the details of daily life

                    -William Morris

This is a great quote because not everything in a day can go wrong there has to be at least one good thing so if you just focus on that one good thing to help push you through your day you’ll be just fine.



This is a good article that talks the community coming together to raise money for education. This is a non-profit find raiser that consist of families coming out and running a 5k to gather as a community and be one. This is important to keep everybody tight in the community so that the community can help with problems in the home because its always good to have a good neighbor


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