Teacher Cadet Week Six


This week I observed how in class to interact with kids that are struggling. The number one thing that i picked up this past week was through Freedom Writers and i think they learned a lot on their field trip to the Holocaust museum which got them more excited to read about it. Another way she became more interactive with the kids is through mini games but mostly through their writings where she learned a lot more about them. Another thing I observed is ow in life when people sometimes the ones closest to you wont give you the support you need you have to just keep pushing to get through it.


This week of teacher cadet,while watching Freedom Writers , it has helped me reflect on the times when I took education for granted, well not only education but the type of life I have. From the movie Freedom Writers it has shown me that my life is a prize and that I should treasure it and be glad that I have an easy life. I could’ve been raised in a bad neighborhood or a inner city but even worst I could been raised in a town with a high school full of teacher that didn’t care of me because of my race or background also I’m lucky to have teacher that see potential in me.


“The roots of education is sweet, but the fruit is sweet.”


Although we may not like going to school and learning the end product will be great when we have a good job and can support the ones we love. 

News Article


This article talks about a music teacher in south Miami who dedicates her life to her kids and has been nominated for the musical education award several times. Also her hard work has been noticed by others now he has a free trip to go and watch Lady Antebellum play in New York after they’ve came and visited her school and donated instruments.

This is important because it shows how she’s dedicated her life to the kids at her school now shes getting a great trip in return. Also because of her hard work and detication the students recived new instruments which will better them


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