Teacher Cadet Week Five


This week teacher cadet I observed the different types of laws and acts put in to place to help the special needs. With the Section 504 a civil rights act it makes sure that all of the special needs of a person are met. Also we learned how to possibly be able to analyze and figure out what type of special needs the child may have whether it be mental, hearing,seeing or auditory there’s several ways to possible be able to tell. Also when I reflect over the past week I learned from that some of the special needs students go through programs that will go ahead a prepare them in life with some stuff that I haven’t even learned how to do yet like sewing on a button.


When I look back over this week I see how much the government and the ADA has done to help the special need citizens of america, along with American students. This week has also helped me realized that just because someone is in my class they my not necessarily be classified or put into the “gifted” group due to the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) program which keeps students with special needs in normal classes. There for I shouldn’t ridicule someone ideas or pick on them because i don’t know everything about them.



This article is about a Special Education CEO in New York in the 75th district has been replaced because she had no prior special ed experience, her teaching licence had expired and some parents felt as if their child’s IEP’s weren’t being met. The new replacement has a masters degree in Special ed which shows that she is at least qualified at least a little. also other problems in the district include teachers are being mired in paperwork which hamper there efforts. Along with that reports of little teaching and supervising of students with special needs has happened under her time as CEO, but worst of all over 350 million dollars was mishandled


The possession of anything begins in the mind.

       – Martial Arts King  Bruce Lee
This lets all kids know that if they want something they have to set it as a goal first, then pursue it and it’ll be theirs with enough work, time and effort


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