Week Four Teacher Cadet


This week through teacher cadet I’ve, observed how hard it maybe for special need kids to learn even if they aren’t completely mentally slow.With certain disabilities the simplest things can become a distraction and lead to a child missing the concept which will then lead to them even being further behind. Also with the first hand simulation it gave me an experience on how hard it can be.


When I look back over the week and after watching Radio it shows me how good I have it to not be mentally or physically challenged. Also it reminds me of the times when people around me would make fun of the kids that were slow or special because they went to a reading class in middle school that would help them,I was never one to laugh, I would just sit back and not say anything knowing that it was wrong


Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible!

         -Audrey Hepburn

This quote is good because it should help kids that aren’t completely mentally or physically able to know that they should keep pushing and not give up.



This article talks about a county getting a new special education director and her plans. It made me think how if every county or district had a certain director of Special Need, that just focused on the core work or what techniques might increase the progress that they have.


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