Week Three Teacher Cadet


This week while creating a book a drafting it i learned how if you put actual time into it, it’ll help keep the kids attention. Some of the previous books had everything printed out and the authors didn’t put all of their creativity into it, which could lead to the difference of the child listening and understand the entirety of the book versus it losing the child’s attention. This taught me that when doing stuff with young children its best to make it original and keep it creative in order to grab and keep their attention.


This week links together with last week because we mostly created a book. Within the book we created a message that would help the kids grow to have better morals.  This week has pushed me to probably the most creative side of thing I’ve ever pushed myself. I’ve been very involved with this project just trying to make it perfect for the kids so that the would enjoy it and receive the message.

Current Event


In this article it talks about the controversy in Hawaii about re-installing the sex ed programs. I think that this is a vital part of middle because it would keep parents out of the awkward conversation of “The Birds and The Bees “, while still informing students about safe sex so there is a lower possibility of teen pregnancies in high school. I disagree with them giving the un-needed information about homosexual activities.

Quote of The Week

I don’t care if they respect me, I know who i am…” –Jackie Robinson

This quote is important because it lets you know that you don’t have to care what other think of you or how they treat you, but as long as you know who you are and you respect your self you’ll be find in this world


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