Teacher Cadet Week Two


This week while at Camden Elementary School we observed how to use childhood books with messages in them to help the kids learn good morals along with building their reading skills. Along with that you must be able to find the message in all books and be able to to break them down for the kids so it will stick and not just be a bunch of words Also I have observed that every child has their own learning technique and in order for that child to be successful with the curriculum  you have to be able to teach in all was, may it be visual,verbal.


When i look back over the past week it i realize how the class puts a hard emphasis on how the morals and values of a child starts when they are young. This showing that you must help raise kids that are in your class, self-esteem by the “Earned Self Esteem” so that  when they grow older and mature they aren’t arrogant but they have confidence in their selves and their work.

Current Event


The Article talks about how due to the decrease and low teacher pay in North Carolina its preventing people from entering the education career field. Due to the lower salary and the low interest in the field it may lead to less teacher in North Carolina which will have a bad effect on their states education. I feel that in order to save the education of North Carolina youth the people in the State House for North Carolina should start a movement for a law that creates a minimum wage of 40,000  for teacher to keep them that would also help the economy.

Quote of the Week

“Your mind is the strongest weapon”- US Army Ranger

This quote lets you know that with a well educated mind you can conquer anything and do anything if you uses your wits wisely


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