Teacher Cadet Week ONE


When i look back on my week I see how I’ve learned my core values in life. Also over the past week I’ve realized how in the future in order to keep kids happy with high self esstem you must treat them right at the young age while teaching them.


When working with young people I’ve observed that the best way to get there attention and make it stick is by using visual lessons then giving them a project to do hands on.I would use this in the future when working with young people because it would keep it simple for the kids while letting them sort of learn on their own while retaining the information. 



In this article it talks about a organization Chance for Change, they’re funding schools in Syria to carry on while making sure the curriculum is taught towards freedom and peace. CfC is doing this because money has reportedly been offered by groups to the  principals in order to control the curriculum and the future kids of Syria.

I feel like this is a great organization because its trying to keep the world at peace ,while trying to give the kids the education and opportunities that we have over here in America.


Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.

Lou Holtz

This is a meaningful quote because it lets kids know that every thing  is up to them from there abilities all the way to their attitude and if they’re right they will lead to future success.



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