Teacher Cadet December 15

In teacher cadet today we went over the revoulutiuon, and how it refelects to the movie¬†Johnny Tremain which is a really old Disney movie that is very informal that talks about The Sons of Liberty, along with the Boston Tea Party and Paul Revere. After that we moved on to reading their novel Black Crows […]

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Friday Dec 12 Teacher Cadet

Today we had a mini review lesson for the lesson I did yesterday on the gadsaden flag I just went over some questions and for the most part they were all answered correctly which brought me great enjoyment because it showed that the acutally paid attention to me and learned something yesterday and it also […]

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Thursday Dec 11 Teacher Cadet

Today I did my lesson with my students in Ms. Brinsons 8th grade class. My lesson was based on the Gadsen Flag. I mostly talked about the symbolism of how the snake with 13 rattles related to the 13 colonies and how the Rattle Snake never attacked first but would back down when attacked and […]

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December 10th Teacher cadet

On my field experience today Mrs.Brinson started the first part of the lesson that I’ll be teaching tomorrow. that talks about the Boston Massacre and how the news paper will use propaganda to blow things out of proportion. For example the news paper that was published during the Boston Massacre said that the British Solider […]

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December 9th Field Experience

Today we started planning for my last day party that I’m throwing for the students and they’re very excited. Also in class we started a new section that talks about the beginning of the American Revolution that I’m looking forward to because its exciting when the history books start to surround the change in America. […]

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December 8th Teacher Cadet

Today I went to the elementary school and realized that I would not like to teach any primary grade. As a elementary school teacher you have to come up with several lesson plans since you teach every subject in a day, along with dealing with kids who don’t listen and think they know everything. although […]

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